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Bringing together Australia’s trail running community

Super Trail Australia is set to take the trail running world by storm.

We are an organisation motivated to bring together a network of crazy, passionate, enthusiastic and chilled runners from across Australia and abroad – and introducing them to some of the most amazing and breath-taking trails and off-road experiences in the country!

Why be part of the Super Trail Australia family?

Super Trail is backed by Elite Energy Events, one of Australia’s most prominent events teams.
With a wealth of knowledge, experience and support to help keep race directors on track.

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All events under the Super Trail umbrella will be able to be a part of a monthly newsletter that outlines your event, dates, partners and anything extra you wish to expose to trail runners.

Getting more runners to your events via Social Media is getting more challenging with the restrictive algorithms we need to traverse; thus, data is our best friend.

Merch & Swag

Merchandise and Swag are what most of our runners love.

When we pool our resources, the costs of producing quality merchandise can be reduced across t-shirts, hoodies, buffs, and medals (the list is endless).

By creating generic merchandise (with some location specifics), we can save $$$. We hold stock, and if you only pay for what you need, there are no leftovers.

Registration & Insurance

Registration and insurance costs and entry – again, with the collaboration of events, we WILL be able to receive lower registration fees and event insurance.

There are also opportunities to have our Super Trail Team support the back-end of the ever-changing and (sometimes) complicated Registration Systems.

Documentation & Approvals

Documentation & Approvals – the process these days to gain approvals and supply the correct and up-to-date documentation can be very frustrating and challenging.

As a team, we can work together to support and share documentation across:

  • Risk Management Plans
  • Event Management Plans
  • Medical Plans and Evacuation Plans
  • Traffic Management Support
  • Operational Plans
  • COVID Plans (if still needed)

Super Trail is the gathering of trail runs across Australia that will allow Race Directors to build their events and work in a more economical environment.

Read on below to discover how your event could benefit from becoming part of Super Trail Australia.

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