Super Trail Partners

Building relationships through events and event tourism is a rapid and economical way of reaching out to a target audience. Our team from Elite Energy has an active reach of over 65,000 eager participants who want to touch, feel, taste, try and test your products and services. Our brand activation team is always keen to discuss unique and quirky ways to ensure your brand or service reaches our audience and inspires them to try and buy.

We have relationships on many levels, so if this is something of interest, why not email us

Supporting Partner

Fisiocrem is a massage gel containing menthol and naturally derived active ingredients. Their pain relief gel contains some active ingredients which have been traditionally used for many years to assist with mild joint inflammation and decrease muscle pain.

Managing mild muscle pain can be tricky when always on the go. Fisiocrem gel can assist in the healing of minor body tissue injuries. It can help support your muscle recovery time to assist you to get back out there, on the track, field or court sooner.

Supporting Partner

Helping to keep you hydrated is their number one job. Giving it your all is yours. POWERADE is equipped with a unique Advanced Electrolyte Solution called ION4 that helps replace the four electrolytes lost when you sweat: sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium. Which means more power for you. So don’t sweat it. Or better yet, do.  

Supporting Partner

They are all about you! As a not-for-profit mutual fund, they work for you – not corporate shareholders or overseas owners. They’ll always put your needs ahead of profits so they can better look after you and your health.

Supporting Partner

Revvies Energy Strips are changing sports nutrition by providing a faster, more convenient boost that can be taken without water, immediately before and during exercise. No chewing. No sticky waste. No upset stomach.

Production Partner

Since their humble beginnings in 1999, Elite Energy has become the go-to-team for delivering successful mass participation and multi-sport festivals across the country. With a portfolio that boasts over 25 events internationally.

The brain child of Mark ‘Emo’ Emerton, Elite Energy is delivering some of the biggest events in Australia, including the iconic Husky Triathlon Festival at Huskisson and the AAA Australian Alpine Ascent at Mount Kosciuszko.

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