Inspired by some of the most iconic and crazy ultra and trail run events globally, our new concept, LOSER will test every runner, with something completely new.

Over a `6km loop, our bravest runners will attempt one of 4 race distances.

1. 25km – 4 laps

2. 50km – 8 laps

3. 100 km – 16 laps

4. 160km – 24 laps

Individual entries

Each 10 year age group will have a first, second and third place getter over each distance.

We will endeavour to have support crew tents (especially for the 100km and 160 km races) lined along the start, finish line corrals to create an atmosphere and also support for this long journey


If the LOSER seems a little bit daunting as a solo activity, why not join the fun as a team.  You can enter as a men’s, women’s or mixed team.

There are no rules as to whether you have 3 on your team or 5, you can do as many or as few laps as you’d like.



Apart from the glory of being the first Aussies to try out this crazy new format – you get the wooden spoon.  Yep – we know – cool hey?!

Who needs more bling when you can have this handy tool.  Great for your next camping trip to stir the pot.

100km & 160km LOSERs will receive a merch hoodie.

The overall place-getters in each 10-year age category (male & female) and each team (all male, all female and mixed) will be awarded a Gold, Silver and Bronze Wooden Spoon at a presentation on completion of the overall event.

The Winner of each category will be determined by the fastest combined times of all your laps, and you must complete all laps for your distance event.

True sucess is not the absence of failure, it is the refusal to surrender.

Lazarus Lake - Barkley Race Director


From sunset to sunrise you MUST be wearing a headlamp to show you the way, and to look out for each other’s safety
You will also be required to wear the appropriate clothing to stay, warm, dry, comfortable and healthy during the event

The aid station with water and nutrition will be at the start / finish hub which you and your support crew can access at the end of each lap. There will be no aid station out on the 6km loop. 

We ask that runners carry their own nutrition and hydration for the entire event. Although a `6km loop is not too far, it all starts to add up after doing many laps.


To ensure runners don’t get clogged on the trail, we will do a rolling start. All runners will be called to the start line approx 3 min prior to the race start. Your time will not start until you cross the start mat, so don’t stress if you seem to be at the back and concerned about an inaccurate time.

The timing mats will pick up each of your laps and project this information on to a big screen at the start/finish hub. So don’t worry if you lose count – we’ll have this info available to you and your team throughout the race.

Cut off times 59 min 59 sec per lap.


Echo Bend Camping Ground is where all the action is at.  Bring the tribe and make a booking at this beautiful natural camping ground.

Contact Geoff & Julie to make a reservation now. 


Whether you have all the gear, no idea or living in fear with no gear our industry experts will provide you with the latest in all things trail running. From shoe and hydration vest technology to training aids and watches. If these guys and girls don’t know about it, it isn’t worth having.

Race Tips

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